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Salt and Light

salt-and-light.jpg The challenge of our Lord to be salt and light in a world plagued by insipidity and darkness is still at the forefront of true disciples today. Springing forth from each generation of Christians is an endless sea of ideas and methods to reach a lost and dying world. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles the Christian witness must face in a post-modern culture is that the average person does not know he is lost and cares very little, if he is. Kathi and I observed just days ago that our immediate neighbors all around us are people who have nothing to do with the Church. There lives are filled with working, family and fun. The latter seeming to be the most vital. Little thought is given to purpose in life or what occurs after death. Life for so many in our western culture is about experiencing as much they can as fast as they can with as many people as they can and acquiring as much of it as they can. The Christian witness is then left with the perplexing assignment of finding ways of reaching such a culture.

Being salt and light, however, is still in vogue 2000 years after Jesus spoke the words on a hillside in Gallilee. This is true because it involves an eternity-old concept of relationship, which God desires from and among his people. Salt is that element which both flavors and preserves in life. Light describes the realm where God dwells and is that which displaces darkness. As our relationship with our Lord develops, our neighbors feel better when they are around us. Their lives seem more secure to them because they live near someone who knows where ‘true north’ is. Every time they are around us they seem to have more hope and see a future with more possibilities. They know the things for which we stand, not because we are always telling them but because we live our standards and do not compromise our ethics. And we do all that without a self-righteous attitude that sets us above them.

We must remember that Christians are people, who have accepted the grace of God. We are sinners, who know we have offended a holy God and deserve nothing in this life or the next. Because we have been forgiven of our offenses, and have found the way to life eternal we now possess the spiritual roadmap for others to follow. The map to glory certainly involves our knowledge of the Bible but with that in mind let us not use the Bible as a club to beat down people, who care little what we think anyway. Let us be salt…let us live life fully. May life around us be filled with joy. May the world observe us in our sorrows and trials and as they observe may they see that through our tears and frustrations we live by a faith that works. Furthermore, may the shadows in our life reveal the light that guides our steps and may the footprints we leave lead our neighbors to believe in the One who is salt and light in us.


August 7, 2007 - Posted by | Witnessing

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